About me

I would characterize myself as a  “ solitaire – autodidact”.
Above all else, I have always tried to enrich the artistic development journey with my ability to naturally engage with an understanding of shape and line.
Throughout my expansive efforts, I have become, little by little, more intimate with contemporary fine art techniques encapsulating different materials and processes. Emerging from this natural progression there arose a new and unique visual language – a fascination for the structure of the scathed or broken surface area – with which today I combine, so as to reinforce the subliminal from this fundamental technical form. Whilst the material structure is dominant in each painting, it is through employing discontinuity in shape and line and texture that their effect is magnified, encapsulating a strong receptacle for the message.
This promotes the division of individual layers of work into several phases:
The Phase of the Subconscious Mind
In my first conception of a work I put my trust in natural response – by instinct, in my emotions and my imagination. From that I seek coincidence, which inexplicably always seems to resolve itself, and with which I engage through the final results of the work.  At the beginning of this process, the surface really becomes my enemy, with whom a dramatic personal confrontation must take place.
The Phase of Sensual Birth
In this phase I bring into being individual layers, manifold shapes, which are introduced and composed over the surface, only later on to be disfigured by coarse and coercive force.
The Destructive Phase
Through a process of wilful tearing, scratching and grinding, I continuously cycle the creation and destructive entities, a constant flux until a mutual balance is established.
Manoeuvring in this way, between lyrical abstraction, in combination with figurative composition, this unconventional process discloses the archetypical motives latent in the unblemished form.
I hope that both my conscious and metaphorical messages may also stimulate your awareness, of your feeling for music, and for fine art, but also that it will reach your heart.
„Paintings – are the source of sensual arousal“